The BroadMap workshop in Romania took place on 19th and 20th July 2016 in Bucharest and was organised by the Romanian Special Telecommunications Services. Similarly to other BroadMap workshops held elsewhere in Europe, this one also first briefly introduced the BroadMap project and then discussions turned to the BroadMap Questionnaire.

More than 100 people from 80 PPDR agencies attended this BroadMap workshop, representing 24 out of 41 counties in Romania. Among the participants were representatives of the national and local police, security services, the Romanian border police, the armed forces, the fire bridge, emergency services, 112, Red Cross, mountain rescue, airport authorities and many others.

The workshop was a great success, with many interesting debates. The BroadMap Questionnaire was successfully completed and some additional requirements were also defined. The workshop gathered a significant part of the end users of the present day PPDR services in Romania, all of which agreed that there is a need to enhance broadband capabilities to improve PPDR communication systems and services.