The BroadMap project was presented during the Joint ETSI-CEPT/ECC Workshop entitled “Public Protection and Disaster Relief: Regulatory changes and new opportunities for Broadband PPDR”, which took place on 29th September in ETSI’s Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France.    

This one-day workshop on Broadband Public Protection and Disaster Relief (BB-PPDR) gathered more than 100 participants representing amongst others standardization organisations, manufacturing industry, PPDR responsible ministries and organisations (police, fire brigade, ambulance services) and spectrum regulators. The workshop informed the audience about the up-to-date situation on BB-PPDR, identified required future activities in various areas (standardization, national implementation, regulation) and aimed at fostering the interrelation between those areas.

In this context, Manfred BLAHA, Chair of PSCE User Committee, was given the opportunity to present the background, objectives and state-of-play of the BroadMap project during Session 4 of this Workshop on “Future Challenges: Work in Progress”. 

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