In the context of proposals aiming at weakening encryption to facilitate the work of law enforcement, ENISA has published an opinion which gives an overview of the current debate on encryption, while highlighting the Agency’s key messages and views on the topic.    

The paper puts forward the challenges which would result from reducing the strength of encryption to facilitate interception and decryption of communications by the Security Services. In particular, this would lower trust in online services and be a major impediment to the smooth implementation of the Digital Dingle Market and EU industry. The paper also stresses that weakening encryption can affect other aspects of cryptology, and call for a cost benefit analysis to be deployed prior to any legislation put forward.

ENISA collaborates closely with Europol, with the development of an expert working group on the topic, discussing on technical options to meet the needs of law enforcement while advocating the need to maintain strong encryption.

ENISA’s latest opinion paper is available online.