In the course of a panel debate on the involvement and the role of practitioners in Horizon 2020 projects, held in the last SMIIG meeting, David Lund presented the case of the BroadMap project which gathers 15 practitioners from a wide variety of countries across Europe (including 8 Ministries of Interior) and which is successfully preparing the PPDR’s wireless broadband communication requirements, the specifications as well as the roadmap for procurement. He explained the steps for having practitioners on board: start early to build your consortium and facilitate the administrative management.

The Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMIIG) held its last meeting on 02 and 03 February 2017. The SMIIG focuses on the features of Horizon 2020 (H2020) with the objective of exchanging information on the Secure Societies calls to stimulate networking and consortia building. The aim is to give opportunities to create ideas, to receive feedback from end-users, to discuss lessons learnt and the future of the EU security research programme.

Other panelists presented the challenges and opportunities raised by Horizon 2020 for practitioner organisations to take part in projects: focus on projects which are related to the missions of the organization and present concrete solutions. It appears clearly that the role of practitioners is reinforced by allowing their voice to be heard in a more systematic way.