David Lund presented the BroadWay project during the “Procurement and Innovation” panel session as part of the 10th Community of User meeting on March 5th 2018 in Brussels. 

Mr Lund described the progress made from the one-year BroadMap project, which represented the interests of 15 European countries and prepared the ground for a Pre-Commercial Procurement activity, to the BroadWay project, just validated by the European Commission to implement a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to develop technologies to enable a pan-European interoperable broadband mobile system for public safety.

Through 5 different stories, the aim of the “Procurement and Innovation” session, was to provide an insight on the new instruments for the acquisition of innovation, identify the strengths and weaknesses of such instruments from the perspective of both sides of the market, identify success stories under the frame of EU funded research and innovation framework and, finally, to propose lines of action for the improvement of the market uptake of security research and innovation outcomes.

A video of the session is available on youtube, to watch Mr Lund's presentation, please click on the following link: https://youtu.be/O2XFgd8wwM0?t=9786



We are happy to announce that the Transition Roadmap and Pre-Commercial procurement specification of the BroadMap project is now publicly available.

The European Commission-funded BroadMap project ended earlier this year and marked a first step towards the establishment of a Pan-European Interoperable Broadband Public Safety Communication Network. Gathering PPDR organisations from 15 European countries, this one-year project successfully delivered a core set of specifications to be used for procuring innovative solutions for broadband communication systems.

The final deliverable is available here

Future BroadBand for Europe - Final BroadMap Stakeholder Workshop - 6 April 2017, Brussels
80 participants confirmed so far to discuss the future of broadband in Europe!

The BroadMap project features in the February issue of the DG CONNECT Newsletter on Innovation Procurement. This Newsletter informs a wide range of interested stakeholders about the latest developments in terms of innovation procurement at EU level, and in particular the progresses and outcomes of EU-funded Pre-Commercial Procurements. 

Manfred Blaha had the opportunity to present the BroadMap project and introduce the plan for the PSCE-led proposal to the European Commissions SEC-04-DRS2017 call, purchasing innovative Broadband solutions and pilot systems for Europe's Public Safety Organisations to the "Public Safety Radiocommunications Group" meeting in Copenhagen.


We are pleased to announce the publication of a paper addressing the need to review EU policy regarding Mission Critical Telecommunications, taking into account requirements for public safety communications.

The BroadMap consortium would like to announce that the registration are OPEN for the Final BroadMap Workshop, to be held on 6 April 2017 in Brussels, Belgium!

Mission accomplished for the EU-funded flagship project taking the first step towards future procurement of interoperable next generation of broadband radio communication systems for public safety and security!

The availability of high-speed broadband Internet and access to digital service infrastructures are the elementary units of a digital single market, allowing communication, services and business to grow -allowing areas such as e-commerce and e-government to exploit their full potential.

On 09/02, Mr David Lund  and Ms Sanja Holen presented the project BroadMap in front of a crowded audience at the Critical Communications Europe conference in Copenhagen. The presentation was entitled “BROADMAP – an update from the pan-European research project” and generated a lot of interest in the audience which punctuated the presentation with a number of very interesting questions. Overall, this further illustrated the widespread interest in the EU funded PPDR broadband project. 

The EU flagship project BroadMap is coming to an end now. The one-year project, which started back in May 2016, has gathered Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) organisations from 15 European countries (Member States and associated countries) to work together to establish a common roadmap for future evolution of EU PPDR radio communications.