On 20th July, BroadMap project partner Magen David Adom (MDA) organised a BroadMap workshop in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with the aim to gather additional inputs on the BroadMap Questionnaire and validate and prioritise the identified set of technical and operational broadband network and devices requirements.

The leading PPDR organisations were invited to participate in the workshop. Workshop participants included representatives of the police, fire and rescue services, the national electric company, the national port authority, as well as the National Emergency Management Authority and the Homefront Command.

The workshop started with a brief introduction to the BroadMap project and LTE technology today. Then attention was turned to the BroadMap Questionnaire. Workshop participants were divided into groups, each of which conducted an internal discussion and reached an agreement on the prioritisation of the different requirements included in the BroadMap Questionnaire. The groups also recorded any additional requirements that workshop participants thought were missing from the Questionnaire and any general remarks and feedback that they had.

At the end of the workshop, the working groups presented their results. The BroadMap Questionnaire was successfully completed and some additional requirements were also defined.