BroadMap workshops have also been held in Paris, France. Hosted by the French Ministry of Interior, the workshops took place on 15th June and 7th July, gathering a total of 25 attendees, including representatives from the French emergency ambulance, prison, police, fire brigade, customs, as well the Ministry of Ecology, which represents a complete panel of PPDR users.

The French Ministry of Interior began their interactions with end users already in early May 2016, when end user representatives were gathered and introduced to the BroadMap project, its objectives and expectations, for the first time.

The BroadMap workshop on 15th June was used to bring together end users and explain the aims and purpose of the BroadMap Questionnaire and how to fill it out correctly. Some videos were shown to the participants to engage them in the debate of how technology and PPDR needs could change in the near future. Participants also debated the possibilities offered by the current and coming technologies.

On 7th July, the French Ministry of Interior gathered the completed BroadMap Questionnaire and answered the last remaining questions from PPDR representatives.

Overall, the workshops in France have been a success and obtained a good overview of the perspectives of the French PPDR representatives.