The first live test connection between the TETRA networks in Sweden and Norway was carried out 28 June. This is an important step towards enhancing PPDR’s services interoperability across borders.

Currently, Norway and Sweden both have a national TETRA network. The Norwegian TETRA network Nødnett is run by the Directorate for Emergency Communications (DNK), and Sweden’s Rakel is maintained by Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). As Norway and Sweden share a large, open border, cooperation between the two countries to manage possible emergencies is of great importance. Therefor the Norwegian-Swedish Inter-System Interface (ISI) project was set up. ISI is a joint development initiative between the two countries with the purpose of establishing cross-border communications for public-safety agencies.

The first live test, where officers crossed the border into the neighbouring country and communicated with emergency services from another nation, as well as with their own team and home control room, was successful. During the coming weeks, the countries will continue testing of all TETRA ISI functionality to ensure that the connection is stable.

Extending the work of Norway and Sweden, the Inter System Interoperability for TETRA-Tetrapol Networks (ISITEP) project provides technical and operational building blocks for ISI operation between different nations. The experience carried out by Norway and Sweden can become a model for other EU countries and is an integral part of ISITEP.

The successful outcome of this test is valuable for BroadMap as it shows that interoperability across borders can function effectively in practice.

Read about the test in more detail here.