The Ministry of Interior of Italy organised a BroadMap workshop in Rome on 20th July 2016.

Work with PPDR organisations in Italy started well in advance of the workshop. Several meetings were held in order the help identify the priorities and operational needs of PPDR organisations, as well as to validate the requirements for PPDR. Discussions were partly based on existing materials from similar projects and activities. The BroadMap project aims, as well as the BroadMap Questionnaire, were already explained to stakeholders at this stage of the work, ensuring that participants are familiar with the project and Questionnaire already before the workshop.

The BroadMap workshop in Rome was attended by 20 people, including representatives of all police forces (national police, Carabinieri, financial police, forestry police) and PPDR organisations (fire, civil protection, ambulance, and prison). During the workshop, the BroadMap Questionnaire responses collected prior to the workshop were analysed. The basic user requirements concerning applications, services, networks and devices were validated. Additional specific national requirements were also identified.