On 7 September, the European Commission proposed an EU certification system for airport security equipment, which will promote a more competitive EU security industry. This proposal is in line with the European Agenda on Security and the Commission’s effort to achieve an effective EU Security Union.

Aviation security screening equipment is all security equipment that is used for the screening of persons (passengers and airport staff), cabin baggage, hold baggage, supplies, air cargo and mail.

Currently, EU legislation regarding aviation security screening equipment does not cover a legally binding, EU-wide conformity assessment scheme that ensures that required standards are met at all EU Airports. In practice this means that equipment certified in one EU-member state cannot be used in another, leading to market fragmentation and affecting aviation security across Europe.

The proposal by the Commission to establish a single EU certification procedure for aviation security screening equipment will allow equipment to be approved in one Member State and put on the market of another Member State. This EU certificate will enhance competitiveness in the EU security industry, boost employment and ultimately contribute to improving aviation security across Europe.

For more information, please find the press release by the European Commission here