BroadMap begins on the 1st May 2016 and will follow the steps as shown in the diagram below to develop specifications and transition roadmaps to provide the next generation of EU interoperable broadband Applications, Services, Networks and Devices :

  • Collect Requirements - from the wealth of existing studies
  • Validate Requirements - through consultation with end users through a series of workshops in each partner country
  • Establish a Core Set of Requirements - using the experience and knowledge in the team to translate the validated requirements to a set of specifications
  • Feedback to End User Stakeholders - A workshop will be held in Brussels in October 2016, open to the entire community of end users
  • Define Transition Roadmaps - Knowledge of existing systems and the specifications will be used to determine how transition to EU interoperable broadband applications, services, networks and devices will be achieved across Europe.
  • Feedback to the Entire Community - A workshop will be held in Brussels in April 2017, open to the entire stakeholder community

BroadMap will complete its work in April 2017. Our partnership will then continue to prepare towards a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project will be subject to a further bidding phase with the European Commission. The PCP project is expected to formally procure gap-filling R&D activities on behalf of the end-user partnership with the aim to deliver the first prototypes of EU broadband interoperable applications, services, networks and devices.